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Expert Opinion 

Our ERH Opinions articles and social media content draws on the knowledge and clinical experience of our endocrinologist team and specialist colleagues.


Curated resources

Browse our list of helpful guidelines and other reputable resources. 


The ERH Associates App is in development to deliver more in-depth information via online courses to empower you to tak e charge of your endocrine and reproductive health 



Appointments with our  endocrinologists (within New Zealand) can be requested via a referral from your doctor. 


Our endocrinologists regularly speak at  live and virtual events.  

Public speaking

Our social media posts and videos provide bite-sized nuggets of information to stir your thoughts and raise awareness about Endocrine and reproductive health issues

About our online resources

ERH's online platforms are designed to provide high-quality, easy-to-understand information about endocrine and reproductive health. 

The curated resources on our website have been selected by our endocrinologists to help you find reputable information
Our app will have in-depth courses with practical steps, on specific topics in endocrine and reproductive health

on our ERH Opinions page, our specialist team writes blog-style articles to highlight important issues in endocrine and reproductive health, explain and interpret information from scientific articles, and share our clinical experience and expertise


Our endocrinologists offer clinical consultations on endocrine and reproductive endocrine health issues.

Consultations are available to those in New Zealand at the time of appointment with a doctor's referral.

We offer in-person appointments in Auckland, or by video or phone consult throughout New Zealand. 

Referrals may be addressed to an individual endocrinologist or the ERH group.

What to expect in an appointment.
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Public Speaking

Contact us for a quote for corporate keynote or guest speaking appearances.
We also undertake some pro-bono appearances each year for community and collegial education.  



Our endocrinologists are experienced at speaking to small and large groups in national and international forums, at live and virtual events, and media appearances. 

TErms and Pricing 

Our mission:

To provide evidence-based care and empower you with high-quality information and resources on hormones and reproductive health

- The ERH Group