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In-Person Endocrinologists appointments are now at our new practice with Dr Megan Ogilvie, Dr Sasha Nair and Dr Maritza Farrant .

Appointments with Dr Stella Milsom will be at our new practice from May 2024. 

Dr Susannah O'Sullivan is taking a break from private consulting but continues her educational and academic work with
ERH Associates

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Referral EDI: "hormones"

"We were taught about puberty at school, why does no one teach about the other stages of life?"

"Where can I find reputable information about HorMones and HEalth?"

You asked, We answerED.

Evidence-based information about hormones, endocrine issues or reproductive health? 

Here you will find quality information about the hormone-related changes throughout normal life, as well as about endocrine conditions. 

We'll cover topics like PMS, menopause, gender-affirming treatment, variations of sexual development, health in high performance sport, bone health, low testosterone and general endocrine issues such as thyroid conditions.

Do you want to read information that is written by specialists and is easy to understand?

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Founded by Dr Stella Milsom, our Auckland-based group of endocrinologists has grown to a team of five specialists -Endocrine and Reproductive Health  (ERH) Associates

As a team, we have clinical and research experience in endocrine and reproductive health issues including menopause care, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, variations in sexual development, gender-affirming treatmentn, osteoporosis, PMS, testosterone issues,  thyroid issues and more. 

Not everyone has access to an Endocrine & Reproductive Health Specialist in their area.  Our vision is to grow a collection of online resources on this website and provide more in-depth information in our App to make quality information available to all.

Dr MaritZa Farrant
Dr Susannah O'Sullivan
Dr Stella Milsom
Dr Sasha Nair
Dr Megan ogilvie

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On instagram and our other social media profiles we cover hormone-related topics in bite-sized chunks to raise awareness, stir your thoughts and start conversations about important endocrine and reproductive health issues.  


Let us know how we can make you feel better represented, or request topics you'd like us to cover.


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Links to guidelines and specialist opinions and summaries on various endocrine conditions.

We are proudly New Zealand-based and aim to provide information relevant to the diverse mix of people here in Aotearoa.

However we also welcome international visitors to use our online resources. Much of our information is universally relevant. 

Normal changes and common endocrine concerns in puberty, reproductive years, mid life and older age.



Menstrual disturbances,  menopause, PCOS, PMS, health in sport and more.

Gender affirming therapy,  Variations in Sexual Development 

Low testosterone,  health during exercise

*assigned at birth

*assigned at birth

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What to expect during menopausE & PERIMENOPAUSE

Managing PMS

staying healthy during High-performance exercise

hormones & the Gender AFfirmation journeY


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menopause course

Want to be walked through everything you need to know to be prepared to navigate and thrive in perimenopause and menopause in-depth and in one place?  We are developing an App-based course to do just this! 
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Menopause Course


We offer in-person consults at our Auckland-based offices.

We also offer virtual consults for people throughout New Zealand.*

*Please note you must be in New Zealand at the time of the virtual consult.




  • Menstrual disturbances
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Variations of Sexual Characteristics
  • Gender Affirming Treatment
  • Low testosterone due to calorie deficit in men*

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*cis or assigned at birth