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Women's Health Specialised GP Consult Service.

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 ERH Associates GPs are trained by supported by our Endocrinologist team to provide an equivalent more cost-effective option for menopause  and PMS consults, usually with a shorter waiting time to the appointment than seeing a specialist. 


* for high-risk medical issues or refractory symptoms you may be directed to book an endocrinologist appointment

Dr Paula West

Paula  graduated from The Auckland University School of Medicine, and in her post-graduate training received the Primex Award from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners for achieving the highest marks overall in the General Practice clinical and written exams in 2009.

Paula went on to become an experienced General Practitioner with a special interest Women’s Health
and an accredited GP trainer and an examiner for the Royal New Zealand College of GPs.

Paula believes in building a trusting therapeutic relationship with her patients, founded on careful listening, effective communication, and empathy.

Paula aims to practice high-quality evidence-based medicine whilst maintaining an awareness of the wider influences of social, occupational and psychological wellbeing on the overall health of women.

Interesting facts:
Paula is an accomplished classical guitarist and an avid sports fan who enjoys time with her family and friends, time at the beach, swimming, fishing, golfing, and walking the family dog.  


Dr Anna Twhigg

Anna studied at the University of Otago Medical School, and subsequently completed her General Practice Fellowship and a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the University of Auckland.

Anna is an experienced Women's Health-Specialised GP with over 25 years of clinical experience in General Practice prior to joining the ERH Associates team in 2024.

Anna brings her experience in providing continuity of care for women through the important life stages of adolescence, pregnancy and childbirth, and the menopausal transition.

 Anna believes that an important role for healthcare professionals is sharing knowledge that is easy to understand and empowers people shape their own wellbeing.

Interesting facts:
Anna is embracing her own menopause by regularly going off grid to Great Barrier Island, a remote haven where the beach feels crowded if someone is within a 5km radius. She hopes to awaken a belated artistic talent - to make art, design jewellery or write a children’s book …or at least bake a cake? 


I look forward to meeting you and working with you to develop a personalised approach to your health and wellbeing journey.

Meet the Womens Health GPs

I want to help women to see menopause as an opportunity to welcome their new freedom, to explore personal interests and to pass on their wisdom. 

Our Womens Health GP service may be right for you 

You have menopause or PMS symptoms

You want a sooner appointment our endocrinologists have

Don't have high-risk factors for taking hormone therapy


Don't have insurance cover for a specialist appointment/want a more cost-effective option

What to expect during your 

Womens Health Specialised GP Appointments

Initial appointments are booked to be up to 50 – 60 minutes long. During this time your doctor will:
1. Take your medical history
2. Review all medications
3. Examine you as appropriate

There may be some more investigations requested. If it is possible your doctor will discuss a diagnosis, treatment plan and start treatment.
All cases will be reviewed by the supervising endocrinologist. This review may be by discussion before or after the appointment or your endocrinologist may come into the appointment and talk to you directly.

It is helpful for you to fill in the endocrine/GP questionnaire and return it prior to the appointment. This should provide a list of your medications. Bring the results of all scans you have had done recently and letters from any other specialists you have seen.

A follow up appointment will be booked to review investigation results and start or review a treatment plan.
Follow up appointments will be a maximum of 30 minutes.

    First appointment: $480.00 (up to 1 hour)
    Follow up appointment: $240.00 (up to 30 minutes)
    Short appointment: $80.00 (15-20 minutes)
    Email advice: $55.00
    Prescription charge: $40.00

*The Women's Health GP service does not take the place of your usual GP who will remain your primary healthcare provider and will continue care for all other health concerns. 

* for high-risk medical issues or refractory symptoms you may be directed to book an endocrinologist appointment

How to get an appointment

Ask your doctor to  send a referral to the Womens Health GPs at ERH Associates

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