For an appointment with one of our endocrinologists, ask your doctor to send a referral to us at
ERH Associates.
Referral EDI: hormones

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For answers to frequently asked questions in regards to appointments, scripts, cancellations, medical queries between appointments  and test results, refer to our
FAQs for patients

Our new Loction:

We are pleased to announce that we have moved to our clinical centre at 110 Remuera Road, Auckland (Medical Chambers building, level 3, parking available down the driveway)

Whakapa   Mai


In-person appointments with
Dr Megan Ogilvie, Dr Sasha Nair and Dr Maritza Farrant are now at our new rooms  

In-person appointments with Dr Stella Milsom will be at our new rooms from April 2024 (appointments prior to this date with Dr Milsom will continue to be at 

 For Dr Megan Ogilvie
 Dr Sasha Nair
Dr Maritza Farrant
(our preferred form of contact) 

Contact details:

+64 9 869 9980

For Dr Stella Milsom
until April 2024 
Phone: 09-520-9520

 Fertility Associates, Remuera, Auckland)

Please allow about 2 weeks from the time of referral for triaging in order for us to offer you an appointment time