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Why learn about menopause?

Do you remember reading books about puberty being an exciting time, full of the wonder at the changes your body would go through? Or maybe you’ve seen books about the joys of pregnancy and how to stay healthy and navigate it. Menopause is another very natural stage of life, yet until recently, in many cultures, menopause wasn’t talked about very much at all, let alone in a positive light. This has led to the menopausal transition being an extremely difficult and isolating time for many. Hot flushes are not the only symptom; some women experience primarily low mood or brain fog for example. 

Menopause means something different to each woman. Your expectations around menopause and the symptoms you feel can be influenced by the experiences of your friends and family or whanau, the beliefs of your culture about what menopause represents and how menopause is talked about in your community.   

Many women have suffered in silence, not knowing their symptoms were related to menopause, let alone treatable!

Te Ruahinetanga 

Te ruahinetanga is Māori for the menopause.  Ruahine is said to mean “wise woman” and relates to the granddaughter of the kaitaki (leader) of the Aotea waka.

Our course is enriched by and pays tribute to the wisdoms of the diverse cultural heritage that we have here in Aotearoa

If  you're interested in a deep dive into what menopause is all about, how to navigate it and thrive...

We've created this course for you!

Perimenopause and menopause are being increasingly discussed in the media, on social media and in social circles, which is wonderful. And if you are reading this you are probably well on your way to playing a part in the cultural shift towards a society where women are much more informed and empowered about the menopausal transition! 

But things are changing!

A note from your course instructors

In this course we share...

Our  unique approach, aimed at supporting the entire person, rather than focusing on the menopausal symptoms. We combine world-quality medical advice in the form of the best of evidence-based medical information and practical tips from the clinical experience of our team, with strategies taken from high performance coaching and tried-and-true lifestyle approaches.

We’ll talk about what perimenopause and menopause are - and what to expect - how to stay healthy, and how to manage your symptoms. We understand that for many, menopause can coincide with a time of life fraught with demands and pressures on our time and energy, so we will also include approaches to help you manage stress and implement lifestyle adjustments so that you can make this an opportunity to take stock, and feel positive about moving into the next season of life.

This course could even be something you do with your partner; the shared understanding may bring you closer together, and some of the content, for example on libido and intimacy, lifestyle strategies for general health and mindset strategies to thrive in midlife may be helpful for you both. 

We are excited to be hosting this course in our new App, to deliver you a learning experience that is convenient, interactive and modern. 

We hope this will help you feel confident, empowered and positive about navigating the transition through menopause.


The ERH Associates 

“I wish my mother
had told me about menopause”

Many women feel unprepared for the menopausal transition and crave support and guidance during, and even in preparation for this stage of life. That's what we (and your doctor) are here for!

“Finally, I feel like myself again!”

Menopausal symptoms can be debilitating for many, but good treatment can be transformative.  We talk about treatments in detail in this course so you can learn all about your options. 

the details

How it Works

You can access the course App via your phone, ipad or computer. We suggest completing 1 module per week and expect this might take around 1 hour per week, however you are free to progress through the modules at your own pace.

 a video to watch 

a workbook to read and fill in 

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  Each module will include:

We have included summaries of key learning points, knowledge quizzes, case-examples, and space for your own reflections and notes, and recommendations for further reading. 

Empowered Menopause

Program Outline

Module 1: Knowledge is power: 

ready to level up? 


  • What menopause is all about, what to expect, how to know if you are having symptoms (or what to look for in the future).  
  • How different cultures perceive menopause, and pearls of wisdom from these different perspectives.  

Module 2: What's up with my brain?

  • Brain-fog, why you might be struggling to remember things, and what can be done about it
  • Migraines and hormonal headaches in perimenopause
  • Mood changes and PMS in perimenopause 

Module 3: Healthy lady parts

  • What is the genitourinary syndrome of menopause?  
  • Vaginal and urinary symptoms to be aware of, how you can prevent these issues and what to do if they are creeping in.  

Module 4: Health Checkpoint

  • How your doctor can help 
  • What to ask and discuss during your consultation
  • What to expect in a basic health checks
  • When further investigations might be considered  


Additional bonus Modules on Specific Circumstances 

We've also include additional modules that you can refer to, dealing with topics such as early menopause (primary ovarian insufficiency), menopause in those with risk factors for breast cancer, menopause if you’re at increased risk for stroke or heart attacks, and menopause in trans women. 

  • surgical menopause
  • early menopause (POI)
  • Women at higher risk of breast cancer or with a history of breast cancer
  • menopause in trans-women
  • risk factors for thrombosis (blood clots)
  • menopause in the context of risk factors for heart disease and stroke
  • Types of menopausal hormone therapy 
  • When and how MHT can be helpful
  • Potential side effects and risks to consider

Module 5: To take hormones or not?

  • Libido and intimacy 
  • Testosterone supplementation for women
  • Fertility in mid-life  
  • Contraception in perimenopause

Module 7: Lets talk about sex baby

Module 6: do I have other options?

  • Non-hormone treatment options for menopausal symptoms
  • What about bioidentical hormones? 
  • What supplements should I be taking?     

Module 9: Lifestyle & feeling Fab

  • Relaxation and sleep strategies for optimal health and productivity
  • Supporting your health if you like to exercise a lot, incorporating fun movement if you don't!   
  • Weight changes in (peri)menopause and when to see a dietitian. 
  • Self image glow-up tips!  

Module 10:  The next season

Module 8: Thrive at work & Home  

  • Navigating career demands during (peri)menopause
  • Stress management strategies for home and work life    
  • Reflecting on your strengths and priorities  
  • Talking to your employer about what you need for to stay well and productive at work
  • Talking to your partner, daughters and friends about (peri)menopause
  • Health considerations and what to expect post-menopause
  • Lifestyle tips for healthy bones and monitoring and treatments for osteoporosis
  • Heart health and brain health post-menopause
  • When should you stop hormone therapy? 

ready to level up? 

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*For installment payments, access to the modules be given in 2 or 3 installments respectively

Empowered Menopause 

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You want to learn more about staying healthy and productive in midlife and beyond

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Empowered Menopause




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