Instructions for  

Here are our suggestions for running your menopause learning session:

Running your session

1. Circulate the below list of ERH Menopause articles for optional pre-reading (forward the link to this page).

2. Designate a coordinator to talk through each article during the session and chair a discussion of each article.

3. Reflection questions for discussion and/or journaling:

Any reflections or thoughts on the information?

Any personal experiences related to what was discussed that you are comfortable sharing?

3 things that you learned, gained a new perspective on or found interesting

What did you learn that you would want other people to know?

Any inspiration for discussions with family and friends?

What else would you want to know? 
(PS: See if you can find it in curriculum for our App-Based menopause course) 

Any practical steps you might take based on what you learned?

Examples of how to use reflection questions:
1. Discussion as a whole group or in small groups of 2-3 people
2. Get participants to spend a few minutes journaling their thoughts independently, then share insights if they want to.