Terms of speaker engagement

ERH Associates

The below are the usual terms for our corporate speaking engagements.  These are the default terms which apply unless superseded by a written agreement.

1. Our standard pricing for a speaking engagement is $2500 including up to 1 hour presentation including questions and preparation for and travel to the presentation (if in person), unless agreed otherwise in writing.  

2. Copies of the presentation slides are not provided as part of the speaking engagement unless by prior agreement.
Slides, recordings or other ERH Associates content is not to be disseminated without written permission. You are however very welcome to share our publicly accessible content: links to our website, website pages including pages with information about our app and courses and our social media accounts.

3. If permission to record a presentation is agreed upon, the recording access is only to be for registrants of the speaking event (unless otherwise agreed), and only for a limited time (duration to be agreed upon  in writing but will usually be between 24 hours and 1 week. 

Last updated 28th August 2023